Bulk Gas Supply BT_SQ 1.10

BT_SQ 1.10 Describe the supply of medical gases (bulk supply and cylinder) and features to ensure supply safety including pressure valves and regulators and connection systems

For today’s LO I will take a break from TRUE/FALSE statements and post some pictures of equipment related to bulk gas supply. You should be able to find the answers in the chapters from John Russell’s book, which you can find at the above link.

What is wrong with this photo?bad-gas-fitting


What does this mean about the air supply? What would it mean if the alert light was illuminated rather than the emergency light?



What is the function of this device?o2

These aluminium fins are part of an Oxygen VIE. What function do they perform?


These devices are used for medical gas supply. What is their role? What alternative supply do some hospitals use?


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