Induction Agents BT_GS 1.57

BT_GS 1.57 Explain the techniques of intravenous and inhalational induction and describe clinical indications and advantages and disadvantages of both techniques.

The following are a series of true / false statements relating to this LO.

I thought I would base the first question on an answer sometimes given in the vivas 😉

TRUE/FALSE: The induction dose of propofol is increased in low output cardiac failure.

TRUE/FALSE: Propofol induces anaesthesia within one arm-brain circulation time

TRUE/FALSE:  Reductions in blood pressure are generally greater with thiopentone than with comparable doses of propofol

TRUE/FALSE: A typical induction dose of thiopentone does not depress laryngeal and tracheal reflexes

TRUE/FALSE: Desflurane is well-suited for inhalational induction of anaesthesia because it is not irritating to the airway

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